Tuesday, 3 April 2012

catching up

Firstly, Big J is home and well and it is nice to have him here. The Rising Tide EP launch was fantastic. Poor Han developed a migraine early in the afternoon and it was touch and go whether she would be well enough to make it. Her medication kicked in enough for her to sit in the back seat with her duvet and pillow for the drive to Brighton
By the time we got there and had something to eat, she was well enough to enjoy the night. It was a great gig, a good crowd, many who knew the songs. The band was in top form and apart from enjoying the music it was a lot of fun. I was very proud to be step mum to a band member. Big J then arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning and was determined to beat the jet lag by having a normal day. So off we went for our Sunday morning coffee/walk to our favourite cafe. We then went back to town to have lunch with Celia B and her man - and to celebrate Celia B's 70th. Home for a slow cooked leg of lamb which I simply could not eat, but we all sat at the table together. I like that. Last night Big J indulged me and came to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a film I have wanted to see. It was funny and a little predictable. It really fired my urge to go to India, it may be on the cards for this year, still considering it. And, it reminded me of a conversation I had in my first marriage when I told my other half that when I retire I wanted to go somewhere where I might be able to utilise my skills to benefit other people. At the time I was doing a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language and I thought maybe I could volunteer my teaching skills. My poor other half was horrified. He asked me if I planned to take off when I was retired, why did I even bother getting married? Good question!! Big J has an adventurous spirit and like me wants to travel and do things in the prime of his life. Phew!! Tonight, like Frugal Queen, see her blog in my side bar, I used the left over lamb leg for a shepherd's pie. I used the meat part of this recipe and it was excellent. I did not go for the rich topping, just mash, but with some greek yoghurt in it! Tonight it is raining and it sounds lovely on the roof. Han is working on her skirt, Adam is out and Big J and Em are watching a film. Happy times.

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