Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Prom

is looming. Prom is such an Americanism. It is the Year 11 Boat Party really, but they all call it the prom. Han has her dress; it is very pretty and feminine. She is tiny and although she was one of the models for the recent Prom Fashion Show, her choice of dress has no bling, no bared back, no bustle and no slits. Over the last few weeks we have put together the various bits to go with the dress. A bag, on sale in Accessorise, (the dress was a tiny fraction of the price of the dresses she modelled, even though we did get it in London). A pair of shoes, a shawl that I bought for her Granny and forgot to give her, but it turns out to be perfect for Hannah's dress.  We got flowers for her hair and tonight, the amazing Dawn came and did her hair as a practice run. With a Japanese hairstyles web-site as a guide, Dawn turned Han into a 'princess'. Hannah's words. She looked lovely and Celia B who was here for our craft session agreed.

There will be no pictures posted until the day, but it was wonderful to see her so happy with how she looks and feels about herself.

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