Wednesday, 25 April 2012

TA DAH!! Lent Blanket

Today is a TA DAH! day.

The Lent Blanket is done....and I am very proud of it. A few weeks ago I asked about wonky squares and it was only as I did the last few did the answer come in a dazzling moment of clarity.
The book says to do 2 chains before/after each corner and two chains in the actual corner. This instruction was followed to the letter, but the result was a wavier and wavier square. I thought blocking would resolve this, but no, they just pinged back into their natural curly shape. It would have been wiser to reduce those chains down to one on the before and after the corner bits, but that realisation came way too late. When doing the border the same thing happend. It started to wave, so some decreasing was in order to get it to lie flat.
One thing became very clear, I love to crochet borders, that long line, that rythm, the weight of the blanket across my knees. Looking forward to the next one.

So here it is, complete with the odd pucker. It still looks and feels nice and maybe it will bring some warmth and comfort to an elderly soul somewhere in the North of England.

Lying on the carpet with wavey corners (about to be pressed)

Draped over a chair in the only slice of sun to get through today.

It is now off to SIBOL.....and the next WIP is sitting here looking good. A request from Han.

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