Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What would happen if I stopped?

Easter is behind us, (we only had one chocolate bunny each, but with banoffee pie made to request as well this weekend, enough with the sweet stuff already!) and Big J is only a couple of hours from landing in Hong Kong, it feels as if lots of things have ended.

But, things never end, there are always goings on. Big J will be back in May for good. (Until the next trip, but not a 4 plus month stint). The girls are working on their skirts. I am sewing in ends and adding another row of squares to my LENT blanket....ok so I did not get it done, but I had a good go. The result will be the same, it will still go to a good cause.

The garden is well saturated now with the rain we have had and I can get some of the potatoes in. This year we are trying Kerr's Pink.

We have booked a very short stay in a cottage in Portugal in June as the girls will be away over the summer again and with me having to share holiday time now with another mum, it was the only time we could all go together.

I am about to sign up to a charity bike ride with my lovely friend Gill who is a bike queen. She has done the London to Brighton, and knows her stuff. She is encouraging me to do this and is being very patient about all my 'buts' and 'what ifs'!! It will mean getting a bike for me, not borrowing one of the girls' which on the last longish ride I did caused more pain and distress than I personally thought it was worth! BUT, that is because the seat was too low and hard, I could not lean into the handle bars and I could not stretch out my legs on the downward pedal motion. Bit like riding a mini bike really. This time it will all be to suit my height and needs and there will be a gel saddle, yes sir, a gel saddle, ideally the size of a tractor seat, if they exist....comfort is key here. The next week or so will involve tracking down a good used bike if one can be had, the saddle and then riding to work (eek). The plan is to then set off after work and do some road rides for training purposes....watch this space.

On top of this, there is my frugal food plan, ebay, decluttering - still, learning more about my camera, sewing a dress for me and my new crochet idea which is jumping up and down in my head and being very pushy,  and which I am really excited about - but have declared it must remain an idea until that LENT blanket is packed off to SIBOL.

So Easter had ended, only one tiny ending in all that goes on in life.

I wonder what would happen if I stopped?  LOL

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