Sunday, 15 April 2012

Remembering the good things

Today I collect my new bike from the shop. I have committed to doing the ride for Help for Heros and our own Trust's charity fund. I have signed up for a spin session at the gym on Tuesday as part of the training and I suspect my legs will be very sore on Wednesday. The sun is shining and it is cold. It is a lovely day and my girls are well. Adam is well and so is Big J who I saw live on screen this morning in his hotel room in Hong Kong. Everything is hunky dory.

But I am feeling a bit blue. I spoke to my mum this morning. She is very far away in Cooran in Queensland in Australia. She and Dad live in a beautiful but pretty isolated area. They have both had ailments, they are not getting any younger and none of their offspring live near.

My sisters are going to a mutual friend's 50th soon, in Bali, (very close to Australia if you live at the top end, as one does). I miss my sisters.

My brother and his lovely wife and daughter are in Hong Kong - I miss them too.

Big J does look well, but still he does not have a return date. It will be great when that is decided. We are a bit in limbo and yes, I miss him, a lot.

Missing all those people makes me blue.

Remembering the good things is the challenge for today.

All the folk I love

A new bike

A feta cheese and spinach filo pie

Being at home doing the things I like


crunchnrustle said...

Virtual hugs from me to help you feel less blue.

Liz said...

Thank you. Moods lift and mine did and the new bike has helped. Looking forward to London!