Sunday, 22 April 2012

Another Sunday

This weekend has been about catching up at home, because on my usual domestic day, I was in London with JG, getting rained on and not taking photos! But we were talking, we saw some amazing paintings at the Royal Academy and it was very good for my soul. She is an insightful, creative, funny, warm woman and I look forward to our next day out together.

So, the bike has had a few outings. A quick test run last Sunday. A ride to one local town on Monday night after work, 6 miles all told (although down hill miles don't seem to count really). We went to a spin class on Tuesday night and for a newbie I was ok. It was tough and impossible to get my arms and legs going at the same time, but I worked on the premis that pumping those pedals is key....

Today I rode to another village near here and this time took my camera. There is a pond at the end of the road and a lot was going on.

With the Olympics looming it looked like a rehearsal for synchronised swimming. Love the swirls in the water and the curly tail feathers.

There were some ducklings which were really hard to see in the water with the reflections of the trees and sun on its surface. This next photo is not great but it was fun fiddling with all the settings on PICASA. The water surface is so lovely.

I was being watched...

He was waiting patiently while his rider let a family with small children say 'hello' and pat his friend, who is not in the picture.

One of a pair of geese.
The ride home was not as challenging as I feared and it was a great feeling, riding in the sunshine.
Big J and I spoke. Sometimes, distance distorts ones perception and the time difference does not make it easier. The only time we have to talk each week is usually lots of fun, today it was very serious and we both felt strained. Thank goodness for good sense, he suggested we come back later and talk again. Good call. I think it is because it feels as if everything needs to be covered in that small window of time that it can get a bit fraught. He is staying on for two more weeks, so we have a month to go before he comes home. Then we all go on a summer holiday.....yip yip yippeeee!

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