Saturday, 7 April 2012

Long weekend goings on

Big J and I had a great day on Wednesday. First we saw the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. It was really exciting and here is a shot of one of the postcards I bought. (Fingers crossed I am not violating copyright laws here, you can see the edge of the card....)
From there we went to Veeraswamy for a really nice Indian lunch. Crab cakes and tandoori chicken for me and lamb kotas and seafood tadoori for Big J. Not yet over, the next activity was to see the film The Descendants, the one with George Clooney. It was good. Finally a quick drink with some of Big J's colleagues before heading home. Things sort of went down hill then for poor Big J who was laid up in bed for two days, not a well man. The girls and I left him to it yesterday (with his blessing) and went to Devil's Dyke near Brighton for the first time. The weather was glorious. We packed a picnic and not knowing the lay of the land, put the car in the first parking area we came to and walked in from there. We saw lambs and calves in the fields, a rabbit (Em did), loads of birds, paragliders, remote controlled planes and fields of rape blossom and green as far as the sea. I took a lot of photos on the AUTO setting of my camera. These two are my favourite:
Aren't they lovely?

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