Saturday, 27 October 2012

Furmity warms the girls but the North Wind brings change...

Given that this recipe was found on the 'Net and has all sorts of nice things in it, the actual result is probably not very like the original version in Thomas Hardy's book  The Mayor of Casterbridge....but the response was excellent. We started off the Book Club meeting with a small bowl each with a tiny splash of rum in it. It certainly lined the stomach, which was a good thing, as it was a late night with much wine consumed. It was a great evening with good friends.

Since that night the weather has turned colder and it is icy today. Han and Adam are away, Big J was at rugby this afternoon and Em and I just kept warm indoors for most of the time. One run to the charity shop to rid us of more unused items and that was all.

But that wind brings change and plans are afoot to alter the line-up of the family in a small way. Watch this space.


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