Wednesday, 17 October 2012

One thing and another

At this time of year I worry about spending money - more than usual, because Christmas looms and with it comes that terrifying notion that one HAS to spend money. Each year I endeavour not to go overboard, to plan well in advance, to stock up early and still end up feeling as if it is all too much.

If you read FQ's blog, you will no that she is encouraging readers not to spend anything at all in October. Good idea. And I have been far more careful than normal, planned meals all week, no charity shop sprees etc. Then disaster strikes and the car gets a flat....and a nail in another tyre and when it goes in, the man tells me a third one is bald......and he was right. So three new tyres.  Then the boiler died. Dead, kaput. And we have to fork out for a new one.

On the bright side. This winter there will be a very warm house and a very safe car on the roads. And I will still be prudent about Christmas shopping, because that still strikes me as spending money for the sake of it!!


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