Sunday, 14 October 2012

Quick summary of the week

Wednesday was a lovely, lovely day with J in London. We went to The Wallace Collection and had a wonderful time rambling through the rooms, seeing all the works of art. Like J, my favourite was a tiny work called 'The Hired Assassins' which was so perfect it looked like a photograph. It is exciting to think that people are capable of such precision. We went to John Lewis and Liberty to see their gorgeous yarns and I did not buy any!!

Mostly though, we talked about life, family, craft, (crochet included), decluttering, possessions, plans, dreams and notions and we laughed. It was great.

I came home bouyed up by the day and inspired to plug on at the culling and freeing up of my space.

I unravelled a scarf bought at a charity shop and am crocheting it into a cowl.
This was described as fan stitch on the site where I first saw it, but have also seen it called Iris stitch, which is a nicer name....

J told me about her meal/shopping planning and this morning we all put forward ideas for the week. Big J and I did a huge shop and the freezer has been cleaned out and rearranged.

A banana and walnut cake is in the oven now, old bananas and the rest of the items we had in stock. It is a Paul Hollywood recipe, so it should be good. (He is quiet cute!)

RESULT. The cake was amazing, if a bit sweet, but the middle fell out of it..... Paul would not be impressed, but happily the family are. Bless them.

Last night Big J and I went to a black tie dinner dance and wore the same clothes we wore last year and had a lovely time sitting at a table with people we had not met before.

The carpets are hoovered, the ironing is being done (the girls). The air is cold and there is a county rugby match on at the club, so I am going to pop along for the second half once the cake comes out of the oven....

The quilt is on its way to FQ and I have dug out a big pile of scraps for Gill. These will be in the post this week.

And the highlight of the day was that spectacular leap made by Felix Baumgartner over Roswell in the States. We listened to David Bowie as we watched it.....

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