Thursday, 18 October 2012

knickers on the table

Here I am, slightly tousled (not had a shower yet) in pjs knowing that work waits, and I have been reading blogs. Fox's Lane I love, and many others. After reading Kate's latest, I thought what a pretty life. People in blog land seem to be organised and have time and get things DONE and get things FINISHED. Wow, thinks me, WOW. Then I looked around at what I am sharing my table with this morning.
Breakfast, too hot to eat,
Two laptops,
and a pile of knickers to be folded and put away. The height of glamour!

There is no way at any time soon I will be allowing you to see into my world folks, the SHAME.

What is on your table/workspace this morning?

Be honest now!!



serendipity said...

Our table is covered in boxes of stuff the girls bought back from uni. It's been there months and I've no idea where to put it all, so it stays!

Liz said...

What it is it with table tops?