Monday, 29 October 2012

Walking with daughters

On this half term Big J and I were determined to do something with the girls. Trips to London or Brighton tend to be the norm, but this time, we thought we would take them to Cuckmere Haven and show them the sights. The incentive for this being that their Dad is visiting from Japan soon, and he wants to see the Seven Sisters.....they would have first hand knowledge for his trip here.

But as we approached the coast the heavens opened and we had to re-think. We headed for the Badgers Tea House in Alfriston which makes the most delicious cheese and pecan nut scones.......yum. With their soup they are hard to beat.

The rain continued to blow in in squalls so the walk had to be postponed. We did snatch a few very windy moments on the beach at Seaford Head - with waves pounding - it was fantastic.

I love the sea when it is rough.

We are all home now, warm and dry. It wasn't quite the great adventure we had hoped for, but we all had a happy time.

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