Sunday, 28 October 2012

New baby!

It has been talked and talked and talked about in this house, mainly by Big J and me, about getting a dog....yes, we have a cat, yes we have three youths, yes we both work part time, but the hankering got stronger.

We then spent time seriously considering are we right for a dog? Can we rehome a dog? (preferred option), how would a new dog and our wussy pussy ever get to tolerate one another, let alone bond?

Em was not keen at first as her loyalties are with Bosley. She asked some very shrewd questions.
Hannah and Adam were not here, but we spoke to both of them to make sure that they were comfortable with us persuing this.

It is a huge life-changing decision and to be honest, not an easy one. Lots of people have been so helpful. The Dogs Trust gave us loads of advice. Blue Cross did too. We spoke to the vet and the nice lady in the privately owned pet food shop (not a chain - although we do have one of those big shops here in town now).
The long and the short of it was that to help our Bosley adjust to this intrusion in his life, a young dog is best, one that can be trained to realise Bosley is not for tormenting. That led us to the Kennel Club list for suitable dogs and also onto puppies for sale sites. Warnings about puppy farms and ruthless traders abound. In a way it is almost too much information. But one photo of a litter of straight legged Jack Russell pups pulled on some heart strings and we decided to have a look.

I had my heart set on a bitch, please don't ask why, and also a broken coated one, rather than smooth. I called the owner this morning to ask some questions and show my/our interest and he told me that there was only one bitch left and someone else wanted to see it as well. We decided on the spot to go and see them. We told ourselves that we would be objective and there would be other pups.

We met mum and granny, very nice looking girls and very friendly. We met two pups, one male, a bit shy and small and one female who was a very solid little thing, much bigger than her brother, she wagged her tiny tail and nibbled on my sleeve. In fact she had a little nibble on both John and Em too. We talked a lot, we heard a lot and we decided to take her. She is not ready to come home for a few more weeks.

Here she is

Chubby and cheeky and with a little spot on her head.  We are going to have to let everyone have some input into her name and the next few weeks is about getting us all ready to be a good dog family and to keep our big beautiful puss happy.


crunchnrustle said...

Aah, how gorgeous she looks. It'll be like having a baby all over again for a while! How about Muffin for a name?

Liz said...

Nice name, it will have to go in the hat with all the others.......