Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Legacy of Dodgy Wayne

Dodgy Wayne was an ok sort of guy. He came to fix our down lights. He told us he could do it at a better rate than his boss and he would take the cash. Dodgy Wayne liked the cat a lot. He has lots of pets. He went to get us some good light bulbs, you need to use good light bulbs he told us, but don't pay the earth for them. He put them in and everything worked and for the first time in MONTHS there was a light above the work bench where I like to cut food and prepare meals.

He gave us a number and left telling us to call if anything goes wrong. He would come running.

Something went wrong. We called, and called and as the days went by each one of the lights failed again. This morning there was one still working out of six.

This morning someone else came and took out the little cracked remants of the 'good' lightbulbs and read the information on the side of the fitting to me that says exactly what is needed for that particular light. He replaced all of them. He was quiet, drank no tea - although I offered - I ALWAYS do - he worked quickly, he told me he sees this sort of thing a lot.

Sigh. We were blinded by Dodgy Wayne. We liked him. The cat liked him. We thought we got a bargain. 

What have we learned? Sadly that even though DW left a trail of trouble, none of us had ANY idea if what we were being told was true. Same goes for this morning's Silent Sparky, only time will tell.



Gill said...

and even the cat liked him???

Liz said...

oddly yes, but this cat likes anyone who will pay him attention!