Wednesday, 23 May 2012

All in a day

After the departure of the B Team - Han and I went and did some shopping at my all time favourite store  - yes everyone - ALDI.  I got a KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON mug (2 actually) for me to use at work and one for Big J. It might be more accurate to add SCREAMING at the bottom of mine... or DRINKING...or....GOING MAD, all would suit the job situation really well.

Then it was off to do 5 hours of moonlighting at the private hospital for my boss.....I do love a bit of extra work! (And despite what I say above, I love my day job).

Tonight was about undoing the recent chaos created around the house but before that, it seemed a good idea to hop on the bike for a quick mentally soothing, physically challenging sprint to Crawley Down and back. Good call.

The girls are both moody and cross, the place still looks like a tip. It is an odd vibe tonight. But I will crochet a row or two of Em's blanket and read a bit more of the book
White Woman on a Green Bicycle which was our last Book Club book and which, you can tell has not been finished yet.  It is great. It took about half the story to get me hooked and now it is hard to put down.

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