Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Men at work

A glorious early start to the day. Breakfast on the patio in the sun. Then it all kicked off, men in the house, banging, drilling, running in and out. At one point I was invited to inspect beneath a lifted floor board - yep - there were two pipes running under it. Was there a point to this, had the pipes been perforated? Fortunately no, and yes, I got the point.

A haitus now. The A Team has gone and we are now waiting for the B Team to arrive.

If you are reading this my love, from your hotel room in Hong Kong, you may be wondering what is going on. Hint...I am not having a spa fitted!!

Food wise, the slow cooker is doing its thing with beef and mushrooms in bulk.

The washing is flapping on the line and it feels like summer, it smells like summer, it even sounds like summer. Love, love, love this weather.

More to this space.

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