Saturday, 12 May 2012

A day in the sun

Well not all day. A bit, but at least two piles of washing were sun dried. The veg patch (a word used loosely here, nothing uniform about it at all) was weeded. Em planted up some seeds including shiso.

It is a nettle like leaf, often seen with sushi and has the loveliest taste even in salads. We are hoping the seeds are still viable as the packet was quite old.
Some housey things were done and more can be revealed about that later.....
On the crochet front - something very cool is taking shape. Don't want to post it now, but it won't be too long.

Han has been having a chill day as the prom and after party have worn her out. She looked fantastic, and I think it is ok to post a shot of her here. Normally any association with Mum's blog is shunned!

In the morning I am going to pick up some bags of compost from the nursery where she works and get some of our spuds in - finally.
In the front bed there are now some dahlias.  A new thing for me. One is called Diamond Jubilee apt for this year.
The irises are in bloom and are stunning. Sadly a family of little snails decimated the first and only bud to grow on a black iris that was planted THREE years ago. Maybe next year, but to compensate, again three years in the waiting are the first buds on a peony bush.
Got to tidy away my garden tools - and then it is time for dinner and some crochet.

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