Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Blog to follow

It is always nice to find a new blog to follow. I have been looking for inspiration for colour to decorate our bedroom and want to make a suitable blanket for our bed. For a long time I have been a big fan of Lucy at Attic24, MemeRose, Dragonfly, to name just three of the amazing blogs I follow. I also love reading about life on an organic farm in Australia, of prints and lino cuts, of food and frugal living and the work and creations of every one of the talented women and men whose blogs are in the side bar here.

Then I found Mouse Notebook and fell in love with the colours of her gorgeous blankets and it just set off the most incredible urge to get on with getting the bedroom decorated.

The rainbow colours of many of the blogs I follow give me immense joy, but they are not right for me and my home. I have always loved the sea and sand and stones, from the stormy, inky Atlantic near my granny's house in Ireland to the iridescent blue of the Barrier Reef and tropical waters that I have been lucky enough to swim in. Then when I saw the seascape shades in this lovely blog it all fell into place. I already had a colour in mind for the walls, but have since found a carpet and the ball is rolling. This is also a fabulous chance to buy some new yarn - bowahahaha!!!

Tonight our crafty session is off because this old dear has over done it with the bike and spin and crept home last night worn out to the bones. Still a few days off before the next session on Saturday should see me fighting fit again.

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