Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My frugal finds today

I have always been a fan of op shops (charity shops in Strine...) and today I got 3 pairs of tights for a £1.00 and a new T-shirt for £3.50 which was for sale in the shop three doors up for a lot more. Nice.

I get lots of comments about my clothes at work, (nice ones - don't think anyone is pointing and laughing!!).  I like dresses and many of mine are op shop finds. I love a thrifty bargain and get very excited about finding yarn. The trick as with any purchase is to buy only if it will be used or is needed.....such a hard trick at times.

As a rule of thumb, if I can get something at a reduced price, I will. I will even ask sometimes, very nicely, if the price on offer is the best price. My girls hate it, but hey, we all reap the benefits, even the vendor as they KNOW they will get a sale. It always amazes me how people will pay the asking price for so many things. Yes, there are manufacturing, shipping, advertising, storing, labour costs and all that involved, but even so. A friend of mine makes glasses frames in Japan. They cost less than a pound a piece. Stick a brand label on them there you go, sky high profit margins.

But there are days when I want a new dress or shoes and I want to feel as if I have shopped. When that happens, it feels like a real treat.

It is all about balance. My scales tip in favour of the bargain though!


serendipity said...

I never seem to see much worth buying in our charity shops, I think it depends on where you live! xx

Liz said...

It does indeed, but the knack nowadays because charity shops are so popular, is to pop in all the time. A quick rummage will reveal new items. When I visit a new town I like to check out their shops. Things vary from place to place.