Thursday, 24 May 2012

No secrets on Facebook

You can find out anything on Facebook, about people and what they are up to, mainly thanks to the fact that humans are generally interested in sharing info about themselves, solicited or otherwise.

Somethings are probably best not revealed on FB. New tattoos, piercings, being bad.... or relationship status changes. That one gets me. Tell the world before you tell your other half, then dump them by text!!

But some GREAT things are on FB. Little Ava Eloise for instance, crawling now, playing with her uncle (Big J) growing into a beautiful little girl.

And then there is the little comment on my Artist Sister's page,  which simply said 'Congratulations on the Sulman nomination'.

The 2012 Sulman Prize and she was a finalist!! That girl is brilliant. Janet Haslett is her name.

So happy I logged onto FB last night. Please look at her work.

Thank you.


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