Thursday, 17 May 2012

Drawing the line with WIPs and UFOs

What do you all do with those WIPs that lurk in cupboards, bags and baskets that you just KNOW are destined to remain there as a WIP or more accurately an Un-Finished Object?  - The difference between WIP and UFO is that there is some hope for the WIP; UFOs in my book remain that way.

I have one, it sits there looking at me every time I pop into the conservatory. (I have more than one, but the two biggies are waiting for me to get to them and one day I will, because one day, lets face it, I might WANT to). But this is an 'early days of crochet' job - in fact there are two...

They both emerged when I was back in Australia last year and I worked my fingers to the bone churning out granny squares and hexagons and now they have completely lost their appeal. But in my defence, I had no idea about colour. Those of you who read my blog have heard this mentioned before. I was uncomfortable with choosing shades and even dragged my artist sister to the yarn shop to help. She is one of those amazingly serene individuals who will not shriek:

"You've got to be kidding me, those colours are UGLY. No woman, NO".

She has a freaky but enviable ability to let me blunder into my mistakes with a sage like patience and thankfully, does not say
"I hated that colour scheme but couldn't tell you" after I come to the realisation that they are NOT ME (or anyone else who lived through the 70's.....they really touch a nerve).

Part of me wants to donate them with the bits of yarn to finish them, to charity. But another part of me feels that that is akin to getting rid of a puppy after Christmas when it starts peeing on the carpet and chewing shoes. GUITLY. Frogging? Then donating the yarn to charity?

It is all very hard because wasting money, yarn and time is not good, but just letting  it sit there not being used is worse.

What do you do?


Karen said... could dye them some acceptable color - and during that process you'd "felt" them - and have something completely different. To start you could stitch them together - maybe a handbag? vest? cushion cover? has to be at least 1/3 bigger than you want it to end up....then dye/felt away :)

Liz said...

Felting it and making a bag is a cool idea, but I think the main issue here is the colour scheme. Sacry stuff!! If I am honest, it all seems like a big (too much?)effort, but you have given me food for thought. x