Wednesday, 28 May 2014


On this cold Wednesday I have seen my little Irish friend, who is a bit poorly. We had coffee and then did some therapeutic yarn shopping/squeezing. Love to squeeze new balls of yarn. And to sniff them...weird but that sheepy smell is lovely. This WI appealed and I got some of their acrylic (very soft) in a gorgeous petrol blue for a crochet beret.....

I have done some admin/paperwork and am pleased with it so far. A few more bits and pieces to go.

All the hairy carrots from the bottom of the fridge  have been peeled and are now slowly stewing with some leeks and garlic as a base for a hearty soup. 

I am planning a trip to the gym to continue with my high intensity training on the treadmill, plus squats with kettle bells and some ab crunches...

This evening is haircut evening with the lovely Dawn. 

Hannah's blanket is over the half way mark now and it is literally down hill from here. In TWO weeks I have crocheted miles of yarn.

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