Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sea treasures

 Recently we went to Seaham to fossick for sea glass. I love to fossick. I love the sea. There is nothing like walking on a beach, be it squeaky white Aussie sand, coarse black volcanic sand in Japan, or good old pebbles, like parts of the UK. I was born beside Strangford Lough and lived part of my childhood beside the Irish Sea, so maybe that has something to do with my sea passion.

In Japan I fossicked for porcelain, little pieces of blue and white crockery that once had a place in someone's home.

Since visiting Whitley Bay I have collected sea glass. Then I heard about Seaham sea glass through Emma at Silver Pebble and saw a stunning necklace she made using it.

Recently we went to Seaham with Nancy - aka Supergran - and Juno. It was not as straightforward as we thought. Where to start? What direction to go in? Big J met a man who collects the glass. He gave us some tips and said that it is becoming more and more scarce now. He told me where I could look and after about 30 minutes I did find my own piece of coloured glass. Before that however, he gave me this dark one and I found the lighter one. I plan to go back. I loved it.

And this is the over all haul...

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