Saturday, 10 May 2014

Knots - me in

Ok, so someone likes a bit of my bunting and wants to learn how to make it along with a bunch of their friends. I say sure - no probs. But now I am being all silly about it.

I got the above yarn from ebay for everyone to have a play around with at a FRACTION of the cost of buying it locally - this may seem anti-British industry but we are talking about cotton, most of which is made/dyed in Germany or further east in Europe.  I also chose (slightly) calmer shades to the bunting shown here because I find the brilliant colours a bit too bold. I then decided that I should - wait for this - HAND WIND the above into dinky little balls for those in attendance to have a pile each and therefore avoid potential squabbling over 'favourite' colours!  I even crocheted up a couple of triangles with different size hooks, pulled them out and MEASURED with a tape measure the length for the ideal ball. Fortunately at the last minute this did strike me as being way OTT. 

I have a also amassed a veritable fistfull of crochet hooks, wooden beads, some dodgy old buttons, needles and scissors for the occasion. 

What I cannot seem to get into my pom-pom like brain is that this is not a WORK SHOP and they are not buying KITS. Over a few vinos I hope they get to produce a triangle or two and maybe go home feeling they want to embrace crochet... Honestly, talk about making a rod for one's own back.

Get real woman.

But the yarn is lovely, isn't it? That aubergine is gorgeous in the flesh...

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