Thursday, 8 May 2014


It appears I may have had a migraine. A first. Poor Princess Hannah gets them and they make her very sick.
Self diagnosed, but after coming home with a streaming cold and taking to bed, my headache just got out of proportion. In the wee small hours I was up getting a drink and my vision was odd, things seemed pink! Then it got to the point that I could not move my head and if I did, felt the need to throw up. Hope not to repeat the experience and am putting it down to months of ridiculous amounts of relentless stress at work.

Today there is only a dull ache. No apetite yet, got to be a good thing.

I thought I would do a little crochet in bed and dug out Tom's blanket. The child is nearly a year old and in my typical fashion I have lost interest momentum because there is always someting else to start. It needs to be bigger. A lot bigger, but I got another row added on. I have not blocked it, but think it will work.

Despite being in bed, on a rainy day, perfect for crochet, it is just too much.

Nap time.

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