Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ten random things

The lovely Jay of My Family and Other Cricketers put up her ten random things. I thought about mine. OMG. 

1. My grandfather once gave me port to calm my nerves before going for a drive because I was always so car sick. I threw up all over the travel rug in the back seat... 

2. As a child in Nigeria I collected insects. One of my giant moths' eggs hatched and my bedroom was literally crawling with tiny hairy caterpillars. Mum sprayed them with insecticide. I was devastated. 

3. I am not a fan of apes or monkeys. I was bitten by a pet monkey as a kid. Worse, when swimming in a hot spring, a young baboon in the trees above me crapped all over my head and shoulders. I cried, but every adult I went to help for fell about laughing!

4. I have another sister, not my Artist sister, that I am estranged from. It is odd and sad that we have managed so much of our lives to not be in contact. 

5. I once went to the loo on a rickety old bus on a long distance journey and when we hit a bump I fell off the toilet into the aisle with my pants around my ankles. There was a young bloke with a big cowboy hat in the back seat who saw everything. The mutual embarrassment for the rest of the trip was palpable. 700 miles!

6. When I was about 48 I came to understand that the problems I have coping with some things are related to depression and I started taking medication. Since then my 78 year old Dad and 17 year old daughter have also been diagnosed. 

7. It never crossed my mind that I could really love a child that is not mine. I love and adore my stepson and count my blessings that he is part of  our lives. 

8. I have written a book and have seen it on the shelves for sale. What a feeling.

9. When I am very anxious I dream about crocodiles, always lurking, always sinister. My counsellor told me that I am the crocodile. 

10. I genuinely feel that I am blessed to have the life, husband, daughters and stepson I have.  

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