Monday, 12 May 2014

The end of a ripple

For a long time, Princess Hannah's ripple blanket has been in hiding behind the couch. It has been pulled over me and the dog a few times on a chilly night, with all its ends dangling. But work had come to a grinding halt and I was not happy with the thing at all.

To start with, the foundation chain bit went ok but the first row didn't. It was a bumpy, tight, nasty bit of work. It was meant to go on a single bed only it was as wide as a queen sized bed even once all the hills and valleys had been added. And the colours. YUCK. What was I thinking? I thrifted and got bits in charity shops, but the brown, lordy, lordy. At what point does Brown become a feature colour in a young girl's room?

It occured to me to frog it and to discuss with my daughter her idea of a colour palette. Pale colours, toning colours. So over the last three nights the ripple has gone from this:

to this:
and I am not a bit sorry. Some of this yarn will go into the next ripple, a lot won't, including that brown...
In preparation for Mark II, I popped into Attic24 and had a go at Lucy's neat ripple blanket pattern. It is fast. I may use it, but first a definitive plan for the colours. 

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