Thursday, 8 May 2014

The finish(ed) line - beads excluded

The bunting for the crochet class is finished, apart from the beads that will go onto each point. The flower idea came from this fabulous blog. The flower pattern was one with a fiddly little picot bit on the end which I abandoned, just didn't like the finish. I wanted something more simple. One might argue that there is enough going on here as it is, but the beads will help keep the points of the bunting grounded - as in gravity will stop them from curling up. Off to the bead shop on Saturday.

There is no way I could have come up with this colour selection on my own. As you know this Planet Penny's Cotton Club yarn, the original version. Thank goodness for people with colour vision.

Also, I am very aware that there are loads of creative people out there who come up with amazing ideas and it  feels a bit freaky to have come up with something similar - and I just hope that folk don't think I am nicking ideas that are not mine. I have written to Pink Milk Jewels to ask her if I can use her tutorial because, while I can crochet a bit of bunting, I can't write a lesson!!!

I am very proud that I have FINISHED something. 


Anonymous said...

Will you get this back after the tutorial? I bet it would look lovely hanging on your newly-painted dresser.

Liz said...

Not sure - was thinking of gifting it to the woman who set the whole thing up. It is not really my thing!! Too much colour!