Saturday, 3 May 2014

It's here

and still in the box. Natual extinct is to rip the box open set it up and start sewing. BUT. I had a little meltdown. The things thing. Things all over with no place to go. Things on things, under things - THINGS. Poor Big J had to patiently listen to the woes and then helped me get proactive. As did the girls. So, we had a mahoosive clearout of the 'craft area'. This in fact tends to spread all over the house but mostly it lives in the conservatory. Big J took things to the tip and some went to charity. A good haul for fabric, needlework loving folk. The girls tidied up all the spools of thread and we turned FOUR button boxes into one button jar. All the yarn now has a basket to live in.
I then continued with the painting of the dresser. It is beginning to look nice and even. The bits that show any way. Once that is done and back in the dining room there will be even more conservatory space.
So the machine waits, patiently, while we prepare a nice new home for it.

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