Friday, 23 May 2014

Raspberry Ripple blanket

Mark II of Hannah's blanket looks like raspberry ripple icecream...gone are the moody blues and sea greens that we talked about. She wanted baby pink....and she got baby pink.
It is aran weight and in a week I am almost half way to it being a square....this is rapid progress for me. But I want to finish it - fast.

The bunting lesson last week was fun, but very few triangles of any form were produced. We even ended up with something that looked like a spider!! There wasn't an opportunity to get photos and in fact the hard working women may have been affronted if their work was put on display. The up side is that they want a re-match to have another go....

I caught up with the lovely JG on Wednesday in Reading. Great day out because the company is so nice. Sadly though I had a sensitive tooth that just got worse. It turned out that it was cracked and after a very uncomfortable night I ended up having the nerve removed yesterday....I am not fazed by dentists, in fact I was so happy to see mine because I knew he would make things better. The relief!

On this long weekend we have a few plans - mine include lots of crochet, painting, some gardening and the odd outing. What fun!

Finally - I have booked to go home to sunny Queensland in July to see my mum and dad. I will also being seeing my wonderful artist sister in Sydney. 

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