Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bring on the bees

Today Big J rooted out some of the thuggish day lillies that have invaded from next door. They are in a little bed that runs along the fence in our drive. That bed is full of tete a tetes and in his efforts to get rid of roots, the bulbs came up too.

I planted 50 bulbs about 6 years ago. There are hundreds now. Once the area was cleared, I went along a scattered replanted the lot!! Then Em and I went an got some titchy tiny plugs from the local nursery and some marigolds. They have been planted and finally, I went through all my ancient seed packets and put in cosmos, echinacea, achillia, candytuft, sweetpeas, scabiosa, morning glory and some random sunflowers....some may take, some may not, but if they do we should have an interesting border for us and one for the bees.

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